Detecting causes that can affect your life & business

It is NOT what you think…

A woman I met had inflammation in her throat and came to me to talk. I saw intuitively that she had a daughter and there was something with her daughter. In our talk, she answered surprisingly… how come you know I had a daughter? I’ve never told anyone. She actually had a daughter many years ago, she had to give away in her early years because she couldn’t support her. Lots of sorrow came up in her and her throat was cleansed. Inflammation was gone.

Another person met me with her mother. Another chronic inflammation in te ear, otit. She has been under a drug that caused reactions. No other solution in the health care. We looked through the ear with a medical doctor colleague. No huge deal with wax.

Right after, I talked to them. I saw there was a link with her mother and the problem she had, back in time. I told her that this problem was in her family, and they couldn’t really listen to one another. Actually she wanted to stop listening to her mother already when she was very young. She got upset with what I told her. But then, when cause was revealed, healing started. Spontaneous healing happened.

Many of our problems are not what they seem. Discover the causes of yours and develop your intuition, not only for your health but even your relationships and business.

The truth is that all of our problems in life, whether business, relationships, health or anything else have usually a non-physical level and oftentimes originate from it. It is from these levels they can be transformed. If you want to remove the top of the iceberg, it will still be there under the water…

In our program, Energy Master Course, you will be learning how to tap into your own intuition to detect imbalances, and read energies from different levels as well as access information about your akasha library, where your soul’s memories lie. This will unlock greater consciousness within yourself, so you can become more empowered, balanced, whole and having a strong foundation within yourself for life and growing in your talents. join us: energy master course





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