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Gabi was born in a simple environment in Rio de Janeiro, where she had all reasons not to believe in her visions. As a child, she already had visions about a colder climate as well as her speaking different languages. She spent her time writing books, studying about cosmology, writing music & guiding people since very little. Over the years, life has led her to move to the other side of the planet, which she took as an adventure to a colder country, Sweden, that quickly put her in a leadership position to connect people. She had a vision of a society where people’s gifts & uniqueness would be taken into account as assets, new business ventures, deals & more happiness. That was not really how she saw Sweden & she quickly connected with different businesses & organisations, starting up networks & groups. She has further discovered how sharp her intuition was and how it could help people overcome challenging situations.

Gabi Gal awakens talents & entrepreneurs to their full potential. Gabi, born Gabriela, has +20 years of experience and research on self-leadership, entrepreneurship, business, integration, medicine, coaching and mentoring. Gabi Gal is a shortening of her birth names, as Gabi signed her books & art since she was a child.

Gabi specialized on doctoral level on entrepreneurship, business, coaching talents & entrepreneurs as well as medicine, PhD. She has written +44 böcker about personal development, relationship and healing. She is well-known worldwide for her guidance, intuitive messages and healing music. Over the years, she has reached over 100,000 people actively looking & joining her work.

During the years, she has worked as an entrepreneur, former CEO, started professional networks to connect people, worked at NGOs, private and public organisations, as well as for the Swedish government at the employment & work agency. There, she worked with a transnational project focusing on coaching & mentoring globally.

Her latest project she managed alone was an EU project, where she developed a unique method of coaching talents & entrepreneurs intuitively with different backgrounds. This method connects self-leadership & coaching in different levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual (purpose), relationship-levels and goals. This method is put-together in an easy language and taught on her program online Energy Master Course.

Gabi’s background is multi-dimensional. She studied engineering, teaching, music, social sciences, nursing, medicine and languages. Gabi holds a Master of Science in development studies (global economy, diplomacy, equality, integration etc), BA in English, PhD in holistic medicine & coaching, doctoral education in entrepreneurship, business, coaching, ethnic relations.

Gabi teaches her unique & complete leadership program  Energy Master Course online for those who want to learn these tools for life and their businesses. Gabi is also meeting workplaces and work with some individual teams, organisations, entrepreneurs & leaders. Contact here

Some recurring problems she works with:

  • communication – improve communication with yourself an others
  • personal power – find balance within yourself & others
  • inner strength – build your inner strength when you go through, can go and will go through transformation, challenges, transitions, changes, crisis, growth phases in yourself & around you, such as in your workplaces, business & relationships.
  • balance – help talents, leaders & entrepreneurs find their center in different situations
  • customer service & sales – how you can understand and meet clients, offering them a better service, help clients be satisfied , sell more & be who you are
  • conflict resolution – find solutions when experiencing conflicts at workplaces, with yourself, others, your business
  • authenticity – finding your own leadership
  • further development – how you evolve & grow when you have been a leader or entrepreneur for a while & feel stuck
  • flow – get unstuck, flow your project to get going, workplace, yourself etc
  • intuition – develop your intuition to make the best decisions aligned with you and others
  • process leadership – help you reach your goals quicker without bureaucratic solutions making things easier for you, your project and your group
  • crisis management & suffering – strengthen you, your talents in different ways.
  • remove self-doubt, insecurity, self-sabotage, integrity problems, dependency, co-dependency & lack of initiative .
  • organisation & HR support – second-opinion, brainstormer to leaders, talents, employees, entrepreneurs & teams for different needs, such as decision-making, development talks, salary talks, sick leaves, HR support & challenges, integration of employees at work place & teams, right competence, what to do with a particular employee, teambuilding, events etc.
  • stress – stress causes & poor leadership. New situations, environment, internal problems, trauma & a lot more in the background.

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Here are some of Gabi’s leading projects & cooperations with different businesses & organisations globally. We’ve been on TV, news, radio, journals, invited to different groups, as well as actively spreading beautiful words & healing on social media.

Other publications & work with coaching & leadership globally

Carlson, B. & Galvao Andersson, G. (2017). Competition or cooperation? “Somalinomics” in the UK (ed.). Malmö University, Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM)

Somali Entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom: Some Adjustments to the Prevailing Image

Carlson, Benny LU and Galvao Andersson, Gabriela(2018) In Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies 18. p.1-19

Integration kräver flexibilitet

Carlson, Benny LU ; Galvao Andersson, Gabriela ; Jeppsson, Ingemar and Schölin, Tobias(2014) In Skånska dagbladet

Fyra nyanser av grått: Integration, mainstreaming, likabehandling och riktade åtgärder i EU, Sverige och sju andra länder

Carlson, Benny LU ; Schölin, Tobias LU and Galvao, Gabriela(2014) In MIM Working Paper Series 14(4).

Identifying Channels into Business for Somali-Swedes in the UK, Gabriela Galvao Andersson.


Many Somali-Swedes have over the years moved on to the UK to start businesses. What channels do they use to enter into business in the UK? What can we learn from their stories? This article makes a contribution to the field of immigrant migration, integration and entrepreneurship by identifying and analysing what channels Somali-Swedes use to integrate into the UK labour market through entrepreneurship. The analysis is based on interviews, observations and field notes from Birmingham, Leicester and London. The results suggest that Somali-Swedes use different channels to start business in the UK, such as socialization, belonging, community, cultural bonds and heritage, informal banking, public flexibility, free business introduction and making use of experience.

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Latest publication. Doctoral PhD Thesis, School of Holistic Medicine, USA – Intuitive Coaching & Evidence-Based Distance Healing. A method of coaching that integrates body, mind, spirit and society.

Latest EU-project written, started-up & managed, Bottom Up Integration, +100 actors in a transnational network for mentoring & coaching of talents with different backgrounds & countries. The national part of the project included labour market integration, start-ups, talent development, health, trauma healing, through intuitive coaching & hypnosis. The research results & clinical experiences are described in the book Mastering Yourself, Gabi Gal.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Between 2020-2024, Gabi has carried out a global CSR work spreading messages to people in different life situations on social media. During Corona-crisis, her work has been very welcome by a public with over 100,000 views/video.

If you want a standard narrow-minded coach, Gabi may not be the one for you.