turn your talents into revenue

My past clients speak for themselves. Business People, entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and many gifted people I have met, whom I am so thankful for being on their path.

Some Testimonials from our LIVES

Start ups, projects, business, talent coaching & mentoring

helping talents & entrepreneurs find their way & make their professional & business goals true

Regional, National & transnational projects

More than 60% of participants got employment & business start ups  

Väg till Jobbet (Way to Work) 

Way or Path to Work was an innovative project Gabi wrote and launched together with an international team in Sweden – it was the first professional mentoring project creating such a big network & support from the regional businesses & organisations

network meetings

Super cool meetings leading to new businesses & opportunities

team building, personal & group mentoring, group coaching, mentor education, talent matching, recruiting support, talent integration in the new organisation, growth support to talent & entrepreneurs

learning in groups

Super cool guests

Gabi has been engaging lots of partners, business owners , investors, businesses & organisations bringing the right people together. She found out that lots of talents have been disregarded & unseen – at least in Sweden. Every person has gifts to share , even if they are not yet found.

International work as a guide, coach, mentor

There you see Gabi’s international work representing the Swedish National Employment Organisation when she was working for the central board. It’s been huge insights & amazing experiences meeting wonderful people across countries.

Super heroes’ matchmaking 🙂 

Match-making successful…!

Gabi’s match – on the spot! Lots and lots of letters of gratitude that made us cry!

You should never judge a book by its cover

if you are not a psychic & healer

Bringing the future to the present 

Making dreams come true

building empires


Bottom Up Integration-  a transnational coaching program

Gabi wrote a new innovative EU coaching project with a research part, that led to a book “Mastering Yourself, an intuitive mentoring handbook” – basis of her current framework. She explores hypnosis & intuitive coaching to help talents heal from trauma, an integrative approach. This project has been part of a network between Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands & Germany. She coaches today business, relationships, body, mind & spirit.