Become an Energy Master

Discover how to find balance, tackle sensitivity & enhance your energy awareness knowledge, intuition, perception, psychic & healing abilities. We dive into the Akashic records, ancient wisdom and top technology with remote viewing, removing pain & changing states of body, mind and spirit with only yourself as an instrument.

Prevent ailments & future consequences

Specific knowledge on body, mind, soul coherence everyone should know to live a happy, balanced & abundant life on Earth.

Help your clients, improve your coaching & family members

Be a change instrument for effective results and improvements on clients, family members & everyone you meet.

Resolve relationship conflicts

No more engaging or getting affected by relationship conflicts that may cause isolation, anger, frustration, pain, not engaging with a loving relationship & not finding true love. You deserve the best supportive relationships in your life.

Certification & Credentials

Gain certifications & credentials so you can gain authority in your field, as a coach, therapist, doctor, teacher, health, holistic or service professional. You don’t need to study complicated outdated university degrees, MBAs and other doctoral education that can’t provide access to the level of consciousness that we can. We help you resolve this problem with continuous opportunities.

Our Services

Energy Master Course

Dive deeper and implement Gabi Gal’s teachings about human consciousness evolution and upgrade to higher perception of subtle realms of body, mind, spirit and beyond, accessing your Akashic Records and getting access to state-of-the-art technology of the future & coaching remotely helping you resolve issues on the spot.


Gabi Gal’s channeled books touch different aspects of human life, consciousness evolution, relationship healing, journey of souls and light reconnection.

Frequency Music (Sound Healing)

Let sounds penetrate all your physical and subtle bodies directly to the issues you need resolution or upgrade. We provide technology from evolved civilizations to help you tackle human problems.

We help you build the life of your dreams by attuning into your own power & higher perception

Gabi Gal’s teachings in her books, music and the Energy Master Course is a collection of wisdom and knowledge from different evolved souls and civilizations that help incarnated souls to reconnect with their own transpersonal power and access the higher dimensions that are oftentimes blocked and forgotten by human knowledge and life experiences.

Gabi Gal teaches how you connect with your own soul database as wells the collective quantum field in different timelines being able to work as a multidimensional being in a balanced way in your current life experience – yet bringing down knowledge that can benefit you and others around you. This knowledge can help you achieve your dreams, goals, visions and create abundance in your life in different ways.

The best part is that Gabi comes with hundreds of reviews and thousands of lives touched by her books, music, clients and work on social media + 100K people. Her teachings and gifts have helped people tap into their own well of power & higher awareness at a quick speed & resolve problems on the spot.

Katja, former participant of Energy Master Course (former name Reconnect with your Light), transformational coach & plant medicine healer.

Why Choose to learn the Energy Master Course

Upgrade your internal perception & intuition

Make better decisions as a self-leader and guide others better, improve your relationships and the relationships with yourself, act in greater alignment with yourself, avoiding pain & relationship problems.

Flow & Speed Manifestations

Reach greater flow in life, identify your own blocks and challenges at will, be your own doctor, resolve your own issues and questions rapidly and guide yourself into balance quickly midst changes.

Support others

Gain important knowledge & wisdom to be working as a guide to others, e.g. your clients, family members, students, neighbors, country, community, groups etc. Your knowledge can save lives.

You are body-mind-soul-spirit-planet. Take advantage of working in your full power & potential now

Energy Master Course in different languages

Energy Master Course in different languages

Click on the audio to listen to translation to Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Swedish, Italian.

Energy Master Course in different languages

Click below to see the different posts in different languages or check the course page and scroll down.

Clients’ videos and personal testimonials

Juliana, fashion entrepreneur & business owner from Brazil

Merike, service professional, single mother from Sweden

Katja, transformational coach and plant medicine therapist from Germany, took part in the Energy Master Course (former name: Reconnect with your Light 2020)

Are you one of them?

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