turn your talents into revenue

Become an Energy Master Healer & Therapist + Diploma

Sharing +20 years of experience, education and PhD specialization on distance healing & holistic medicine into this life changing unique program.

Common Outcomes:


*Energy Alignment

*Quicker Manifestation

*Removing Stress from your Life

*Reaching Success No matter What

*Wisdom and integration of important intuitive tools for life mastery

Many intuitive spiritual and artistic people that invest in their personal development go through several challenges in life, especially to deal with their level of empathy and sovereignty. Creating abundance and living their dream career and life purpose as a coach, artist, therapist can be challenging. As a result, many coaches, artists and therapists end up not really living of their gifts. Or at least for a short-term period, streaming or hours that they sell.

Gabi Gal’s energy alignment and abundance program introduces a state-of-the-art framework for energy balance and alignment in the whole system body, mind, spirit and the collective, that takes you to the next level of your journey of abundance and personal power. In addition, practice knowledge about business, entrepreneurship and creating your coaching practice online is shared.

If you want to apply for the program, please answer these questions so we can learn more about your and be able to help you further after you have registered to our program here.

Who are we searching for

Coaches, therapists and artists who have started their businesses, have worked part-time, got some income from their practice or music or have been working in another field but used their coaching, therapy and artistic knowledge throughout the years somewhere else. You are open to be coachable, dedicated and value integrity. You are open to help people and make a difference in other people’s lives to the better. You have a recurring income and you are not dependent on another person to pay your bills. You are ready to invest on yourself and your growth.

Who we are not working with or helping

You only want to profit and you don’t have any understanding of the impact of your deeds on other people’s lives. Gabi Gal is not teaching or mentoring any person with narcissistic traits and if those are in the program, they can be removed with no right to get a refund. You only care about yourself, not another, not humanity. It is better than that you search someone else that works on the same vibrational spectrum. We will not understand one another and you will find difficult to apply our teachings and coaching.

You are not ready to invest in yourself and take this step in your journey for abundance and self-fulfillment doing what you love. You are afraid and don’t understand how much it costs you to stay where you are in time, energy, money and experiences, as well as what you will not experience – because you stay where you are. You do not see the value in the time, energy, knowledge that we share, and therefore are not willing to dedicate yourself fully with time, energy, resources and hardworking. If you want an easy-fixing or someone else to do it for you, you have found the wrong mentor. We only take in people who take responsibility for themselves, are ready to learn, grow and to be empowered. It is your life, not ours. Your actions and your choices.

Program Uniqueness

The alignment and abundance mentoring program with Gabi Gal entails your own pace growth within 6 months’ access and 3 months’ coaching (online):

Specific knowledge on

*energy alignment

*finding balance in your specific energy spectrum and configuration of body, mind, spirit and planetary energies

*detect your own imbalances by developing your intuition and awareness

*intuition at will framework

* online business knowledge

*creating your online business

*tools to run your online business

*foundation and growth of your business

*tips, experiences and strategies in online coaching, art, therapy business

*coaching sessions with Gabi, case studies, resolving challenges and energy blocks


Bonus material for you registering until December.

How the program works

Through video lectures, +50 videos.

Limited spots. Apply here