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Hello! This is Gabi. You are welcome to my page. I am a specialist in self-leadership, relationship coaching, talent development and online education. I work with both evidence-based practices and intuition development. My fields of specialization are (PhD) in holistic medicine, coaching & entrepreneurship/ relationships , more than +20 years experience of coaching and self-leadership education, consciousness studies & clinical work with subconscious & superconscious information. I am also an intuitive guide, specialized in akashic record readings (soul history information), distance & trauma healing, remote viewing, channeling and mediumship, I am integrating all of my gifts in my work. I also blend healing music I produce in my work, above all on social media platforms.

You can submit your inquiry to work with me for:


I can help your business, organization, department to recruit talents. I can conduct or be part of interviews and access information about your candidates to help you place them in the best positions. Contact me with your name, organization webpage and description, CVs to your candidates with their birth names and birthdates, positions you need to be filled and requirements, if you want me to be present virtually on interviews or contact them myself and a budget. PS. I don’t search for candidates that fit. You need to present them for me so I can detect information and suggest you on what to do and where to place them. You are the one who will ultimately make a choice.

Self-leadership Education (Energy Master Course)

I have a program called Energy Master Course, a self-relationship and self-leadership educational program online aimed to developing your intuition, detecting imbalances and learning more about themselves at different levels, such as body, mind, soul and planet. We are diving into the field of energy awareness as well as helping them access their true authentic selves, soul blueprints, as well as find alignment in their systems for balance, clarity, better decision-making, self-fulfillment and manifestation. The program can be done individually or tailored to your organization or department depending on your particular needs. When it is open to the public, registration is available on this page.

Whether you want to heal from break up, narcissism, self-knowledge, intuition, soul history access, understanding what you have been through, heal from traumas, imbalances, self-doubt, challenges, opening up for love, happiness, alignment, light-body integration and improvements in your manifestation process.

The self-leadership program (Energy Master Course) comprises of +50 videos and exercises that can be studied and taken over a course of up to 6 months. In the program, it is included Q&As.

Intuitive Coaching

I am an energy physician, PhD. I have more than +20 years of experience and certification as a health and professional coach, past life therapist, hypnotherapist, energy medicine therapist. I combine my knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine, business, entrepreneurship, International relations, consciousness studies, psychic and mediumship, healing arts in my coaching. Intuitive coaching can help you awaken subconscious challenges, blocks, restrictions, anything that stop your performance, goals, experiences you want to have, personal and professional development. It helps you as well develop your self-leadership, increase your personal awareness, personal power, wisdom, recovery, rehabilitation and evolution in your authentic self. You can sometimes combine intuitive coaching with my Energy Master Course if I am available. You can also submit a request for intuitive coaching for your organization, business, department. I can also counsel boards and check the energies in your organization, give you valuable information so you can make your decisions and take into account perhaps things, insights, perspectives you haven’t been thinking of.

My specific specialization and gift is to read people’s energy fields from distance, remote viewing ( I can see people from far away), check imbalances, detect underlying issues in their relationships and causes for traumas, challenges, ailments, conflicts with themselves and others, and help them transform the challenges. I help people get more empowered, find peace, evolve in their authentic nature and stay on purpose. I am particularly gifted in the field of relationships, gifts identification and creating coherence in body-mind-spirit-environment. You don’t even need to be present to work with your energies. The work can be done from distance. I don’t use any other instruments or machine, only energy knowledge. If you would like to learn, apply for Energy Master Course.

If you’d rather want to have a VIP coaching with me, drop me a message here with your name, eventual organization, why you want help and how much you would like to invest in your personal and professional development. I thank already for your contact. If I have an opening in my time, I will reply to you. Please understand that I am very busy, so I only take few people in this modality per year now. If you have any soul contract with me, I will reply to you with more information. I usually know already about you before you write to me.

Some recurring problems my clients have had that I helped successfully with:

*chronic ailments

*relationship break ups

*relationship conflicts and narcissism healing

*building up your own authentic leadership style

*awakening to your non-physical extra-sensory perception and soul gifts

*childhood wounds and money blocks

*mental health challenges such as stress, self-doubt, self-sabotage, self-belief, self-confidence, self-esteem

*higher self integration with light body and telepathic activation

*blocks from true & unconditional love

*contact with their loved ones on the other side, grief and ancestral pattern challenges you may need to resolve

Understand that we are working from energy-levels into matter so many problems you have may be spontaneously resolved because they may be related to the same cause, although you may not even mention about them to me or search for help because of them. You may even come to me and find resonance with my work, feel you need my help or join my program for some reason, but your soul knows better and has been directing you to my work because it is time to elevate now and move to the next level of awareness and expansion. My clients are usually sent to me from the other side and I already know about them beforehand.

Here you can check lots of reviews and videos from my past clients and students.

You can check more information about me in my CV here.