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Here you can book a Consultation with Dr. Gabi. Consultations can be alone but they can also be smaller groups. The length of the call varies depending on the information conveyed, problem, solutions & experiences. Dr. Gabi is an official Yuen Method consultant, hypnotherapist, intuitive coaching & talent consultant. You agree that you contact at your own risk and take your own responsibility over information, methods introduced & consequences. We don’t write journals & protect your information.

Her consultations happen during working days (preliminary if not another agreement) at 2pm CET, Stockholm time, on WhatsApp. On Fridays, our consultation time is 10am CET. If there are other people involved, she may update time & hold the consultation on Zoom. Information will be sent to you before the meeting to your email.

If you book a consultation this week, you will receive a gift of 495USD deducted from the Energy Master Course investment if you join it after the consultation. Talk to Gabi if you are interested in educating yourself further. Consultations are non-refundable, rebooking is not possible. No shows more than 10 min wait are fulfilled sessions. You will receive information on how to reach Gabi via email after your booking.

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