The Yuen Method

Dr. Gabi Gal is an official Yuen method consultant, PhD in holistic medicine & intuitive coaching, sound healer. Dr. Kam Yuen is the founder of the Yuen method (science of immediate results), a method of instant energy correction of the human body, mind and soul. This method is known by removal of pain on the spot & resolution of relationship as well as karmic impacts on body, mind and spirit. In this method, Dr. Gabi uses her previous knowledge of medicine, relationship sciences, psychology and psychic mediumship to guide you into the causes and consequences of the challenges you are experiencing. If you would like to learn more about body, mind and soul so you can take back your alignment and power over your life and manifestations, join the Energy Master Course.

If you would rather would like to join a consultation experience, you are welcome at your own risk to join Dr. Gabi. You can book directed in her calendar here. You can meet Dr. Gabi alone or in smaller groups.

Her consultations happen during the day you book preliminary at 4pm CET, Stockholm time, on WhatsApp. If there are other people involved, she may update time & hold the consultation on Zoom. Information will be sent to you before the meeting to your email.

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